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Artist Profile Analysis

In-depth analysis and feedback on your artist branding, music and vision.


What you can expect

Spotify Profile Analysis

We take a look at the technical and branding aspects of your Spotify profile. To ensure you're making use of all the features that are designed to help you and if you have everything in place to help yourself grow as an artist.

Social Media Analysis

Assessing your social media activity includes making sure you are engaging with your fanbase, the quality of pictures and videos, and areas of improvement.

Music Analysis

Your music is analyzed by one of our experts and we score your production, mixing and mastering, playlistability and cover art.


Overall advice is given from an expert point of view, an opinion from those who work in the industry and work with hunderds of artists each month. This can help you make your next steps, and identify any areas that need some focus and your strengths as an artist.

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